Doing Our Part to Go Green

More and more, there is an increased focus on companies “going green”. Rising energy costs and consumer demand are taking us and other companies in the right direction. Consulting with clients will help you assess how "green" you need to go. The challenge is often being able to balance doing what they think is right for the earth and what's affordable.

You can start by offering hardwood, a material that is sustainable and has a limited impact on the environment in terms of energy and waste (depending on the specific make and manufacturer, we can help identify who's doing well and who is leading the pack).

The manufacturers of other flooring type are making inroads to reduce their environmental footprint. Milliken harvests methane from local landfills to offset 30% of its natural gas usage. Mohawk features a product line that contains no harmful chemicals and is itself recyclable. Shaw offers EcoWorx, a sustainable backing that's of superior durability and value over PVC.

Consult with your Showroom Account Rep. when you are queried on environmental issues that you can't answer. Beyond our knowledge base, we work with professionals whose business is all about being "green". It's easier and more cost effective than you might imagine.

Turn Your Business Green-- Adopting green business practices isn’t just the right thing to do, it may also be the most profitable thing to do. By going green, your company can save money, receive positive PR and attract prospective clients to do business with you. Click here for a few ways you can make your business a little greener.

Glossary of Terms and Green Resources to Explore

Natural Resources: Resources that exist naturally in the world.

Quickly Renewable Resource: Resources that, if consumed responsibly at a rate that does not exceed growth, can quickly replenish themselves.

Recyclable: A product or package that can be recovered from the solid waste stream for reuse, or in the manufacturing or assembly of another package or product through an established recycling program.

Recycled Content: Materials that have been recovered and otherwise diverted from the waste stream, either during the manufacturing process (pre-consumer), or after consumer use (post-consumer).

Sustainability: Material or energy sources which, if managed carefully, will provide the needs of a community or society indefinitely, without depriving future generations of their needs.

Links to Green Educational Websites:
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